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I’m Adrien Amasse,Ihave co-founded Wellness-Wave for those who want to dream more. I personally created all the experiences that we offer, so I’m available to answer any questions you may have about health,the mind,coaching,lifestyle,spirituality,equilibrium and energies. My dream is to make people healthier by using nature to reconnect oneself. Since the age of 10 years old,I have been trained in a high level ofFrench boxing,mindfulnessand sophrology. I studied the cognitive neurosciences with a focus on how to use the efficient medical technique in a functional way.I discovered secrets that I will share with you. Our philosophy of being HERE & NOW takes place in the idyl of the Mediterranean sea for its wholesome art-de-vivre and where nature reveals its naked truth : the perfect environment to initiate a newdeparture. The only thing that differentiates one’s from each other is the knowledge itself. This way, WELLNESS WAVE takes the lead to set the proper opportunity to lose and find yourself to discover the treasures ofbody and mind elevation. Our culture of education aim to support tomorrow’s leaders in their initiatives within their family,circle of friends and businessfor a personal and a collective development.
Adrien Amasse, Wellness Wave