The Waver’s philosophy

The Waver embodies the WELLNESS WAVE’s spirit, he is the personification of our values and
the point of contact between the client and the brand. He is the definition and the vivid
illustration of well-being: a leader who shows the way by the example.


Calls you by your name

Asks you personal questions

Available and motivating

Shares and talks with you

Further than being a coach, the Waver is a mentor who knows how to use his knowledge to
share his vision and to educate the people around him within the 3 WELLNESS WAVE

The Waver’s mindset

1. The Waver is mentally and physically smart
2. The Waver is joyful and his happiness is contagious
3. The Waver is an active-listener
4. The Waver cares and asks personal questions
5. The Waver is easy-going and open-minded
6. The Waver explains everything he does or does not
7. The Waver shares his expertise on wellness
8. The Waver encourages without pressure
9. The Waver becomes a friend
10. The Waver makes you have nice holidays

With wellness at the first place, our Wavers take care about the physical and mental health
of our customers, keeping in mind that the client is in holidays, they manage to create a right
atmosphere balanced between willpower and fun for a peaceful discovery of our vision.

Thereby, our teams adapts the activities to the client’s expectation and mood daily regarding
the weather, the environment, the energy and desires of our guests. We assist instead of
expecting as we suggest instead of direct. Our people are cool and resourceful to go with the
flow and always a prime concern for wellness.