With the impulse to cover accurately the experience of cruising the Aegean sea, WELLNESS WAVE continues to cultivate the art of personal enhancement with a new route within the hedonistic idyl of the Cyclades.

Everyday is a better day

Mykonos, an Epicurean premonition

The Cyclades islands attracts the free-thinkers of the world inspired to imagine new ways of living by focusing on what’s essential: the being. On a restful quest of spirituality and meaning, their lifestyle places simplicity as a prime concern with the nature for only muse.

Originally named to praise Apollo’s child, Mykonos personifies its god’s attribute with an eternal sunshine glowing all over the island. In harmony with the elements as testifies the rows of fishing houses aligned along the waterfront and the windmills defining the regional landscape, the local life here is paced by the rhythm of the seasons and the peaceful surf of the wave.

On the purified background of whitewashed walls, Mykonos expresses herself in primary colors: doors, windows, frames and balconies nuances the picture-perfect streets of this nonesuch atmosphere.

Fortunately untouched by modernism, the Mykonian luxury remains in the minimalism of a city embracing the Aegean sea.

Paros, a perception of the truth

Known as the place from where the marble was extracted for the sculptural purposes of the Mediterranean civilisations, Paros is the historical birthplace of the masterpieces from the Hellenistic period.

Along these scenic beaches, the carriers of the isle abounded with this rare white material the Greek artists used to express the sophistication of their times. Through the shapes of the texture, the depiction of the pathos and the ethos: the emotions and the character, with realism and sensitivity.

Ages ago, Archilocus, a lyric poet, seafarer and nature lover native from Paros, understood here that the utmost of being is within the abundance of energy to live in the instant.

“Whoever is alive is pleased by song”

Fragment of Archilocus, 680-645 BC

Despotiko, a second nature

Humankind’s mental engagement with nature predates civilisation and the record of history but the first philosophical thoughts about the natural world goes back to Ancient Greece.

Fauna and flora are preserved on this inhabited island at the exact middle of the Cyclades. Ignoring men presence, the mythological sacred place dedicated to Apollo and Artemis is protected for its unaffected treasuries.

The study of natural philosophy seeks to explore the cosmos by any means necessary to understand the universe and presupposes that change is reality: we know from nature that sunlight brings everything to growth. If you look at flowers early on a spring morning, they are all closed. When the light of the sun catches them, they trustingly open out and give themselves to the new light, like us all.

Santorini, a thousand shades of light

Emerged from the depths of the waters because of the ashes Poseidon’s son threw in for his descendants to live on, years later, the same ashes arising from a volcano conserved one of the best archeological site ever found.

Birthplace of our fathers, assimilated to the Atlantis and often compared to Pompeii, the well-preserved ruins, bas-reliefs and columns of the antique Minoan town has been recognized later as the earliest civilisation of its kind in Europe.

As the homeland of the culture, Santorini is now a serene city clinging to the top of its cliff and contemplating down on the cerulean lagoon. At each sunset, locals and guests gather on the dazzling panoramas of their terraces views to applause and scream their happiness while the sun goes down, releasing the unique enthusiasm of passing through a day altogether.

Ios, an incline to the peak

“The journey is the thing” wrote Homer during his Odyssey before stopping on Ios for his last travel. The poet who inspired the Western civilisation and became the central work of Ancient Greek literature ended his voyage on the golden shores of this naked island.

Within a typical village and its maze made of stone-paved paths, delighted to let yourself go through the narrow white streets resonant of Cycladic curves, you head to the top of the hill.

Arrived at the peak of your vitality, you can now contemplate the perspectives offered by personal endeavor and the evolution of your mindset from the Odysseas Elytis Theater designed by Peter Haupt.

Koufonissi, a safe haven

Yachters loves this part of the Cyclades for the secret seasides which fringes the coastline with deep natural pools hidden by smooth rock faces all around the archipelago.

During the day, Koufonissi wears a silk of pastel tones on her land and the only wind whistles through the leaves of oregon along the satin white beach shore. Over here, silence is talking and the wave ripples the boat with a soothing regularity. The aura of the place is perfect for unpretentious activities, being the master of your time, relax to reset your body clock and fill up your inspiration. Have you ever noticed the similarities between Picasso or Henry Moore’s works and Cycladic statues?

At nightfall the celestial body reveals its magnificence. The legend tells that the contour of the deserted island looks like a female figure and every first full-moon of the cycle is coming up from her vagina.

The other nights, the tavernas of a small picturesque port anchor serves long leisurely dinners below the stars.

Schinousa, a connection

The absolute intimacy found on the sand shore of Schinousa’s naked beaches is the right set of circumstances to take a privileged time with yourself.

Unspoilt by human intervention, the nature spreads her flowers from the low green hills to the littoral of the most preserved part of the Cyclades, from the inland to the sea. Isolated deep inside a graceful reality and in contact with your environment, you are now closely connected with yourself. The force of the wave’s motion generates a feeling of unconditional love within your heart and everything appears meaningful.

The calm of the outside world brings serenity in your inner self and after an undisturbed contemplation of your thoughts, in front of a promised land, it feels like you’re opening your eyes for the first time.

Naxos, a sophisticated note

The last step of your voyage is symbolized by passing the gate of Apollo to arrive at the divine lands where Zeus, god of the azurean skies of Greece, has been raised on the highest mount of the Cyclades.

Privileged to the other islands, Naxos received the most fertiles valleys of the region and the art of cultivating the land is transmitted from one generation to the other. A rich historical heritage that leaded to an elaborated local gastronomy. In a taverna of the port or simply on a set of tables placed in a stone-paved street, the Mediterranean sense of taste takes place with an unique and warm-hearted service.

Neoplatonists believed that human perfection and happiness were reached through philosophical contemplation. During this last dinner below the ink-blue vault of constellations, everyone is gazing at each other’s eyes warmly brightened by candles, smiling and listening to the best experiences shared on the wave. Delighted to be here you are feeling like one. One with yourself, one with your friends, one with the universe.

Everyday is a better day