At the beginning of the year, WELLNESS WAVE initiates its unique mind-health programs on luxurious cruise ships through the Greek islands roads: the birthplace of the Occidental lifestyle, which naturally belongs to the Mediterranean culture.

Along an immersive travel on the ripplings of the Aegean sea, discover a new culture, another history, incredible landscapes and sensations you’ve never imagined before.

With a fruitful inspiration close to our customers mindset, each destination and improvement program is philosophically elaborated in harmony with the WELLNESS WAVE savoir-être.

Greece, the heart of both the Mediterranean sea and the European culture where meets the Oriental and Occidental roads in the Attic fields, was disposed to host a civilisation.

This idyllic part of the world where the nature lives passionately on a rich soil and a prolific sea provides to her residents a singular wellfull way of being, giving a window to the great thinkers of these times to focus on humanity: she saw the birth of philosophy in the shadows of olive trees.

Through the architecture of her monuments, the teachings of her mythology, the quality of her gastronomy, the power of her athletes and the charms of her ephebes, the wisdom revealed by Greece is her conception of the good and the beautiful.

A deep wisdom joined to the softness of a WELLNESS WAVE.

Athens, a departure

Athens, one the most historical place in the world, is a city of a thousand details. From its creation by its founding hero Theseus until today, the Greek capital has been renewing itself continually, floating flawlessly between tradition and modernity through the ages with the art as a reason to exist.

Aspirational by nature as life is, intellectuals and artists gathered here with a willing to grace its beauty and to shape a better form of society for humankind. Touched and inspired by Athena’s wisdom, guardian goddess of the city, they embodied a common dream into reality and arose the first democracy of all times.

At your arrival, let yourself being transported by the energies holded around a mythic valley. From the rock of the monuments deep-rooted in the Western world culture to the masterpieces covering the walls of the National Museum of Modern Arts, take a moment to climb to the Acropolis at the sunset. Enter in the temple and contemplate the spectacle of the amphitheater’s staggering landscape which overlooks the entire city. The port of Piraeus on the background, the line of the sea at the horyzon, right in time for the golden hour.

The sky is blue, a beautiful blue and the clouds, patron deities of a new learning, will make you realize that the real travel is in the heart.

Wellness Wave Savoir-Être

Aegina, an equilibrium

Youthful and benevolent, the nymph Aegina was deeply loved by Zeus, the king of gods, who kidnapped her by passion to keep her beauty from the world and brought her on the island which now bears her name.

Divine creature, Aegina is a river’s child inspiring humans for creative activities and like the spring water flowing around the mount Oros develops wildlife, your beauty will express itself from the inside.

On the edge of an equilateral triangle made by the temples of Aphaïa, Sounion and the Parthenon, your balance between physical strength and creative energy starts to operate from the power contained in ancient sacred places.

In movement, exercising and exploring both the outer and inner worlds like a Myrmidon, while contemplating the panorama of the Saronic Gulf, your body and mind slowly unifies like the sea embraces the sky.

Apponissos Aggistri, a jewel safely kept

Quietly concentrated on your thoughts, surrounded by the resting nature, her tenderness brings you back to your own essence, because nature is only about love. Nature has life for reason to keep her faith. In the unique atmosphere of a naked isle, unknown and quiet, discover the antique secrets hidden within the whistling wind and the whispers of the wave.

An absolute moment of peace reached solely by the sea, far from everything and with your heart: the object of your attention. The intensity of your feelings once expressed, your willingness is limitless.

Life is the biggest wealth.

Epidavros, a relief

The shape of the wave getting stronger and going further like the evolution of your thoughts, the next mooring come along the Epidavros coast. Great place of the Greek medicine, this wholesome piece of land hosted a celebration in the Asclepius sanctuary every four years with music and sport contests. Honouring Apollo and his son, both medicinal divinities, by gymnastics and melodies with a healthy mind in a healthy body for purpose.

The legend tells that this particular place heals by the effect of thinking with purity.

Every external development has to refer from an internal metamorphosis in order for you to attain the ability to change your own reality. This time reached, you dive in a world of lightness.

Poros, a brain wave

Composed by the islands of Sphairia and Kalaureia, “Καλαυρία” meaning “pleasant breeze” in the local parlance, a mild breath of air brings sometimes to your senses the scent of a delicious meal simmering, the gastronomic specialty of the inhabitants.

Worthy of note, Henri Miller wrote about his stay here:

“I don’t know which affected me more deeply-the story of the lemon groves just opposite us or the sight of Poros itself when suddenly I realized we were sailing through the streets. If there is one dream which I like above all others it is that of sailing on land. Coming into Poros gives the illusion of the deep dream.”

Henri Miller​, T​he Colossus of Maroussi​ (1941)

Dokos, a realm of freedom

Adored by the Athenian high society for its bohemian-chic way of living, the time has stopped in Dokos, and so the artist does.

Silence is golden, the soul at rest, the child laying in everyone’s heart appears in a landscape made of houses in rainbow. Tranquility. Far from the cars, few boats sailing off the coast, the island of Poseidon has a paradise-like uniqueness from its creeks. An opportune moment for watersport leisure along the shore to give yourself a nice feeling of deliverance.

Spetses, a peace without clouds

One of the trendiest destination of the Mediterranean sea, the Spetses marina hosts the most aesthetic boats in the world for the Classic Yacht Race every year.

An entire port reserved to sailing passionates enjoying the simple life on sophisticated ships, gathering in this singular place to enjoy a glass of Ouzo and grilled octopus tapas together in local taverns.

Timeless by her simplicity and gifted by an architecture of an eternal charm, Spetses is the living example that happiness can not be bought.

Hydra, a treasury house

Approaching the shore, the rocky coast of this land bears a resemblance of a giant mythical creature’s spine diving into the Aegean sea. The entrance by the port of this undisturbed place reminds an amphitheater made of white houses and the scenery is impressive like a first appearance on the lights of a stage.

Main seat of the Greek Fine Arts, the entire place is a museum itself and rambling within the tiny streets of Hydra feels like being projected in a canvas. Here the talents grow and bloom to the world like the wild flowers wide spreading all around the island and this vision is simply resourceful.

A legend says that great Leonard Cohen settled on Hydra for a while because he felt in love with the landscape, but also and certainly with a local.

Tsilivinia, a silk stroke

As your trip progress over the wave, life on the water arrives at its peak of personal benefits. Each rippling of the sea is a refreshment, bringing new ideas and memories of pleasure. Resourceful for your body, clearing your mind and flowing your thoughts: water is a rhapsody of wellness.

The light pollution doesn’t exists on Tsilivinia and when the night falls, her deepest secrets reveals themselves: on a calm sea, the sky dotted of stars shows its canopy of heaven. With its reflection on the surface of the water and the swirls of the boat, such a calming sound, you enter in an universe of splendors absolutely mesmerizing.

Perdika Aegina, a simple life

The picturesque sight of a fisherman village in a promised land is breathtaking. Out of the time, the people are living at their own rhythm; a men rhythm.

The eyes full of humanity and the hands always welcoming, each person living on the island is a story itself and all of them let you know that their happiness is brought from the sea.

Nothing more than a bench under a tree, a panoramic view of an unruffled landscape and the peace covering the valleys, a rocky path and the heat of a woody pier: nothing, nothing better to enter in deep meditation.

Moni, a new direction

Everyday goes with its singularity at each sunset, gazing at the sky, the sight is lost in the immensity of a transcending beauty, you realize how vital it is to live in the instant, how today was unique and how priceless life is.

Escaping your thoughts for a short while, you have the nicest smile on your face. The loveliness of the present, you face the sundown and feel more alive at every breath, delighted by the wind flowing on your skin, feeling the power of each heartbeat.

For a little time, right after the dream, the light disappear and you keep some in your mind. Reconnecting with yourself and the soul purified, you are craving for tomorrow.

WELLNESS WAVE, everyday is a better day