This Friday 19th of October 2018, our official WELLNESS WAVE launching party took place in the prestigious Gustave Eiffel Salon on the 1st floor of one of the most beautiful monument of the world and symbol of the French radiance on our global culture: the Eiffel Tower.

In partnership with iBlue Communications and Luxurynsight, this delightful evening hosted a conference focused on the Chinese luxury traveler to get a better understanding and smart insights about an outstanding clientele always looking for the best innovations on this unique market.

Coming especially from Shanghai, Victor Yang and Danni Liu of iBlue Communications gave us the pleasure to learn more about the marketing side of an exigent demand and to announce the opening of their first European offices in Barcelona, we thank you for your presence and wish you all the best for this new challenge!

In a same time, postponing his trip to Shanghai to assure his presence at the venue, Jonathan Siboni from Luxurynsight shared with our guests his expertise of this key-marketplace for luxury and premium brands to depict a relevant outlook on our customer needs and expectations for exclusive experiences.

Finally, Michel Campan Paoletti, founder of WELLNESS WAVE, took a moment to show the different evolutions in luxury and the perspectives appearing both in Europe and Asia. Deeply attached to the significance of a collaboration between the actors of these markets, his trust in an emerging vision of luxury presented to the audience a strong will into moving forward with modern values and a universal ethic.

Pleased by the presence of talented and breathtaking personalities such as Dorothée Gilbert and James Bort who embodies our spirit for the dedication in their art and the inspiration for love in their work to exclusively introduce our new WELLNESS WAVE image, the entire evening has been a successful gathering for the leaders of a new idea of well-being. Thank you.

Everyday is a better day

From left to right: Haneia Maurer, James Bort, Dorothée Gilbert, Michel Campan Paoletti, Pascal Conte-Jodra and Stéphane Nakhle.