Successful Shanghainese entrepreneur in digital marketing, Victor Yang, CEO of iBLUE COMMUNICATIONS and GLOSSA.AI who recently joined the board of WELLNESS WAVE took a moment during a business trip in Paris to share about his experience on our first cruise.

Victor YangBorn in 1982 in China, Victor Yang is an entrepreneur of digital marketing for the luxury industry. Apart from information technologies and social medias, he is now investing in transformative experiences with WELLNESS WAVE.

It’s always a pleasure to walk on the Champs-Élysées during a sunny day of September, arrived in the lobby of the Hotel California I meet Michel Campan Paoletti teasing kindly with Victor Yang about the natural nonchalance of the French service. The two business partners who founded SAME SAME but different agency are now challenged with WELLNESS WAVE, Michel’s new vision of wellness tourism.

Few months after the first WELLNESS WAVE journey on the Aegean Sea at the beginning of the summer, it is the right time for Victor to share about his experience on the wave: the positive effects on both his professional or personal life and his new idea of well-being with the perception of an executive who used to stick to a rule of taking only half-business, half-personal holidays until now.

What caught your attention for WELLNESS WAVE and encouraged your contribution for the development of our new concept of well-being in Asia?

It takes time to understand a brand but the most important is to feel. I am now able to explain it to a Chinese customer because I am Chinese and I have the experience and the insights for this particular market. We want to create a bridge between the East and the West, like a silk road for luxury and premium brands to be successful in China. By coming often to Paris and Michel working in well-being, I am happy to invest in WELLNESS WAVE. I see more and more Chinese traveling around the world: before, going to Paris was essentially for pure tourism and shopping. It is fine to go to the Eiffel tower for a selfie then visiting the Louvre, but on the 2nd, 3rd… or 4th time we want to do something else and see more of Europe and maybe not exclusively Paris. We are looking to experience, getting to know the local life and meeting a different lifestyle. For my part I always take a half-holiday, half-business time when I travel abroad, but I always go where my business is so in Paris, Geneva, Milan… only big cities. When I decided to go for the first time to Greece it was really in a way to enjoy myself on a yacht and to release the pressure of my entrepreneur life. The Mediterranean lifestyle is very different and delightful: I knew Greece for its mythology but its reality, the little villages and unknown beaches of those beautiful islands were simply amazing.

“We are looking to experience, getting to know the local life and meeting a different lifestyle.”

Victor on a water sport warm-up session.

Victor on a water sport warm-up session.

What was your biggest concern in taking part on our first WELLNESS WAVE journey this summer?

I was looking for good food, nice people, beautiful places… but I was really scared about leaving my mobile and laptop for an entire week! The concept of digital detox was a hard thing to me because I always stick to it, for working in a digital agency I have to use social medias all the time. The first day was strange, I was only thinking about answering to emails and messages but after I started to feel ok with that, and I even read a fiction, a detective story, which I haven’t did for years! I realized back in Shanghai that my only readings are now newspapers, blogs or articles related to business or economy. I truly enjoyed this book because back home I don’t have the time anymore. Being on a boat concentrated on a book, listening to the sea, the wind and the water was extremely relaxing. I truly consider that my life is my job but my mindset was different after this week and I finally estimate that all these emails received during the week weren’t as important or urgent as I was worried about.

In your entrepreneur and busy life, what is the part allowed to wellness?

As a young man I didn’t care that much about well-being. However with the time and mostly with my children, I started to look for a good and healthy lifestyle to be an example for my kids. I’ve always wanted to make sure my family have a perfect quality of life and for a long time.

“WELLNESS WAVE is a unique experience, it’s a different science and concept about well-being, a right combination of both of our cultures.”

What did you learn on holistic care during this week?

It is quite interesting to look at the way we interpret the fact of staying healthy in the West and in the East. European are more likely to do a lot of sport when in Asia we are into meditation, yoga or massages. WELLNESS WAVE is a unique experience, it’s a different science and concept about well-being, a right combination of both of our cultures. The nutrition is also important. In China the first thing we think about food is the taste rather than nutritive elements and there I understood that wellness can also be tasteful! And you know, people like me hate to waste time, we are always thinking about doing something, we never stop. Whilst on the boat it is really limited by nature so if you don’t rest or read, you gaze at the sea over the sun… I realized that it wasn’t a waste of time at all and even an enjoyment to recenter my thoughts and feelings. I came back home in a way much better shape.

Victor on a water sport warm-up session.

Victor and his Waver during an inland training

Once back home in Shanghai, which changes have you observed, body and mind talking ?

First, and it is a key point for me, I am more slim and feel better with myself. Back home, I started to seriously pay attention about my diet. I understood what is real wellness and after a week of healthiness and strength I didn’t want to ruin everything. I started to eat more salads and when I am networking at dinners I now try to balance, I even say no for some food if it’s not wellness. I’ve undertake the decision to drink less alcohol and when I am thirsty, within a week before I could have drink no water so instead of a soda I will go for a bottle of Evian and I can still feel my body changing today. I also swim more now, I am not a swimming guy but in Greece I started to really enjoy the simple fact of swimming, then I can always practice in Shanghai and my level is uproving a lot since.
A week can appear short but the effects last longer, the impact of being supported and self-controlled on the boat brings you good habits and educate you to get the good patterns to go back to your daily life.

Have you learned about your own self on the cruise?

It’s not easy for me to enjoy something but working, I work hard and I work until late but on WELLNESS WAVE I discovered that I could enjoy things I haven’t see immediately like organic and natural pleasures. Since I discovered this feeling of beatitude, back in Shanghai or Paris, there is always a moment when I want to go back there because I miss the sensation. There are really good memories. I wouldn’t do it every month but twice a year and at the same place with the same people, it’s a shared experience and all the good memories are linked to them. In China we don’t tip but in Naxos at the restaurant for the last night, the chef was really nice and we had some delicious seafood so at the end of the evening I gave him a big tip, it’s not very me but it illustrate my step of mind at this time, I will go back to this particular place.

Beach boxing initiation with the Wavers

A refreshing morning on the back of our yacht

What is your definition of “good” ?

I like simplicity. At home, I regularly organize the place and threw the useless things, I don’t like to keep a lot of stuff so I try to keep my apartment and office very clean and tidy to keep the minimum. The same for furniture, I make it easy and simple to be able to focus on the essential everytime. To me simple is luxury, it’s pure, it’s relaxing, in Greece the dress code was casual and it’s so chill that I noticed comfort and minimalism are the most important

How did you create your own happiness and what was your best change for your wellness?

Happiness is when you help people: when I help my client to achieve a great project, when I help my staff to grow or my family to have a good lifestyle, I feel good and proud about that, by helping others. For my wellness, apart of my personal diet and physical condition, I decided to work with less clients, like in France, I decided to keep the right size for my companies, to keep the same employees and taking care of them. Still in a way to focus on the essential, I try to not recruit anymore and knowing more my staff, I don’t like working with people I don’t know. I prefer to concentrate on what I already have and on my key-clients, it’s less stressful and I provide a better work. Since I came back I’m trying my best to make a nice atmosphere in the office, it’s a smart investment. When a company is wellness, the employees enjoy going and being at work, it does matter a lot… finally, like your philosophy, I just want everyone to feel good a bit more everyday.

Victor and his wife in Naxos, at the end of their first WELLNESS WAVE.