Andrea Davis, l'experte américaine des Constellations Familiales en France.

En 2019 je rencontre Andrea Davis dans la cadre de mon travail pour améliorer l’expérience des stages Wellness-Wave. Une complicité professionnelle s’installa rapidement entre nous. Nous avons décidé d’intégrer l’apport du travail d’Andrea pour les programmes Wellness-Wave. 

Andrea Davis a exploré son don d’intuition et de médiation pour le travail de Constellations familiales. Elle consulte dans le monde entier, en individuel, en couple et en groupe. Son travail est sollicité par des psychothérapeutes, des médecins et des enseignants de méditation. Elle vit à Paris et à Venise Beach à Los Angeles (Californie), elle est une pratiquante dévouée de Kundalini Yoga. 
Nous avons décidé de construire des stages,  avec une expérience commune. 

Andrea Davis is a gifted intuitive facilitator of Family Constellation Work and a devoted practitioner of yoga, and spiritual exploration.  She consults worldwide with individuals, couples and groups.   Andrea’s work is used by psychotherapists, medical doctors and Buddhist meditation teachers.  She is also a longtime facilitator of Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Dance.

Andrea lives in Paris, France.


Instagram: @family_constellation_work 


There is a place inside us beyond the conscious mind’s ability to express itself called the realm of the Soul.

Andrea Davis is a gifted intuitive facilitator who has led hundreds of clients to a direct experience of the deepest part of their nature.

Family Constellation Work is experiential and produces tangible results:

Resolution of inner conflict

Deeper insight into core beliefs and needs

Answers to questions about a client’s life, personal & family relationships

The work is equally powerful to witness, or volunteer for a mini-session as part of a Wellness Wave group experience .

Andrea works in partnership with psychotherapists, chiropractors, medical doctors and Buddhist teachers and others practitioners in the healing arts.



"The clarity with which Andrea saw my situation was astounding. I watched her feel my pain and the pain of people I loved, expressing it almost poetically. How could she put herself in people’s places? How could she reach into the depths of others’ souls? The answer is that I really don’t know, but I do know that our session had a tremendous impact on my self-perception, which, of course, has made all the difference in how I perceive the world. She showed me my “true self” and now my secret treasure is unlocked and with me always.

Workshop Participant—Rama Institute of Applied Sciences, Venice, California