Wellness-Wave school education
Neuroscientist, Sport expert Body and mind

Michel Campan Paoletti
Expert in all luxury industry be member of
Hermès, Dior, Lancôme, SSBD, Dentsu Group
 Wellness-Wave co-créateur of  Official Program
Writer, Expert in Music education

James Bort
Producer and Art Director
Dorothée Gilbert
Danseuse étoile at Paris Opera Ballet


The first representation of life is comparable to the depiction of a feeling. Being in touch with your feelings requires being able to perceive your body in such a way to describe it.

WELLNESS WAVE finds its mainspring in the synchronisation between the veritable self and soul through outer and inner fundamentals: the outside world, the universe, a perception of our reality, Earth, the sea, the sky and the internal world, a perception of our individuality, the soul, the mind, the body, the past, the present, the future.

Far from our personal lives, we trust in thinking further to create the world of tomorrow.

Leaders contribute and drive the progress while WELLNESS WAVE undertakes the role of showing them the way: the proper behaviour to follow in order to impact their own lives as well as the world around them and us.

Thinking ethically about the human condition and its role towards nature turns us back to our origins and the sensation of being alive. The weight of responsibility on one’s shoulders becomes heavier with time and one’s thoughts needs to be balanced with answers.

By living and acting in harmony through thoughts and words with respect for nature, one can find perfection in equilibrium.

Everything we initiate begins with a purpose and this purpose keeps us passionate about our practice: WELLNESS WAVE is consciously aware of our ecological influence on the world.

Thereby, we fulfill a flawless eco-friendly guideline by the sole use of respectful handmade and local or high-tech and sustainable recycled products for the entirety of our cruises, while working on nature’s discovery through research to aim to a better approach toward life itself.

Every day is a better day