LIFESTYLE: how to reinvent infusions

The truth is in the instant

Beauty is found in every detail and WELLNESS WAVE now offers a special range of infusions crafted by the innovative Parisian company Chic des Plantes! to go along our cruises with a natural note, a distinctive taste for each blend and the organic benefits of their creations.

The warmth of a cup of tisane inside hands spreads a muscular relief through the entire body and elevates the mind while the blown steam slowly disappears within the landscape admired. Highly attached to the harmony of the plants, fruits and spices composing their bags of flavours, Chic des Plantes! involves a team of chef, tea master and pharmacist-botanist for the elaboration of their signature infusions. Searching for new horizons of fragrances and virtuous features for the body, these tisanes biosourced and crafted in France are tastefully sophisticated but also a call back for the simple things like all the delicate moment with yourself are.

An experience full of sensual discoveries, from the delicacy of a soothing sip to a dive in an exfoliating bath infusion for an intimate time of floral indolences, flavours of lavender, Damask rose, German chamomile, spearmint, peppermint or oat are now dancing with your thoughts. The selection of high quality, eco-responsible and resourceful products brings every single moment to a dimension of peaceful enjoyment. Starting a day with an energetic boost of the sour Elixir to get yourself ready for an early sport initiation on the beach or to relax with the herbal serenity of a Morphée to end a day better than yesterday.

Like the beautiful elements composing the Chic des Plantes! reinvented infusions, every moment that constitute a WELLNESS WAVE is an invitation au voyage.

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